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Six-Brush Set with Fashionable Case


Custom-designed to provide women with proper tools for a flawless, more professional makeup application.  Each brush is designed with only the finest quality of synthetic bristles and a delicately weighted handle with crystals to provide the necessary balance for professional makeup application.

Lip Brush
Used to apply lipstick or lip gloss, helps blend lipstick with lip liner to give a smooth and even finish to lips.

Eye Contour Brush
For easy application to the crease and the entire eye area.

Pointed Eye Shadow Brush
For corners of eye, used to blend and smooth small areas of the eye to a flawless finish.

Pointed Smudge Brush

Great for the crease and to create smokey eyes.

Stiff Eyeshadow/Concealer/Eyeshadow Base Brush (3 brushes in one)
Great for all applications. This brush allows you to pick up the right amount of concealer or eye base to give you a beautiful professional finish. Small enough to work those delicate areas around the eye.

Brow/Lash Groomer Brush
This brush allows you to groom lashes and brows, giving definition and shape to the eyebrows for a precise arc shape.

All crystals are applied by hand. No machines are used. Please excuse and allow for any small imperfection which may occur from time to time.

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