Q – What is the shelf life of my make-up?

A –ATTENTION…..Cosmetics do not last forever.

Most cosmetics do not last more than 3 years. And as beautiful as the Bling Collection is, you must replace old make-up with new make-up.

If I like something I want to use it until it’s gone and even if I don’t like it throwing it away just seems wasteful. I usually reason that I might change my mind later. So even though we might not want to it is important to follow some safeguards when using cosmetics.

Companies are not required to put the shelf life of an item on the label.

The below suggestions are not only based on safety but also on how long your cosmetics remain effective. After a while colors change as does the consistency of the item.


  • No matter what the age of your cosmetics, if it smells bad….TOSS IT!!!
  • Always check the labels to make sure all the ingredients are acceptable to you.
  • Place the purchase date (month and year) on the items label, example: 3/12
  • Improper storage can ruin most, if not all cosmetics. Keep them cool and in a dark place.

Expert recommended Shelf Life:

Blush 18 to 24 months
Concealer 12 months
Eyeliner – Pencil 2 years
Eyeliner – Liquid 3 to 6 months
Eye Shadow 18 to 24 months
Foundation Liquid: Water Based 12 months
Foundation Liquid: Oil Based 18 months
Powder and Pressed Powder 12 months
Lipstick 2 to 3 years
Lipgloss 2 to 3 years
Mascara 6 months
Nail Color 1 year


It is important not to use old Mascara, Eye Shadow, Eyeliner or Concealer. It is very easy to get irritated or infected eyes from old, bacteria laden eye makeup and its’ components.

Do not share make-up with friends and make sure that when you visit an in-store make-up counter that the Salesperson uses only new applicators on your skin. This will decrease the chances of infection.

Foundations can also be easily contaminated by germs in the air and on our fingers.

Powder Foundations and Pressed Powders are not as bad. If you are using a sponge for application and it starts looking dirty, clean it if you can. If not replace it. Sponges are not meant to be kept a long time and are very inexpensive to replace.

Brushes and Sponges must be cleaned on a regular basis. There are many great brush cleaners available but you can simply wash your brushes and sponges in a mild soapy solution once every two to three weeks and leave to dry completely.

Lipsticks, Lipgloss, Lip Brushes, Lip Pencils – ALL LIP products must be used with lots of care and consideration. Many people keep lipsticks, etc. for years, especially if you own many. It is not recommended to keep any Lip Item longer than deemed safe and/or hygienic.

I would suggest throwing away any Lip Item you use, if you have a cold sore or other type of infection on or around the mouth…If you are unable to toss and replace the items, then at the very least, please wipe the entire item very well with a clean tissue before using again. Also, Lipstick and/or Lipgloss with SPF factor may lose their effectiveness after 3 years.

Blush, if used with care can probably be used beyond its’ suggested shelf life. As long as you use proper care of your brush and/or applicator then your Blush will last longer than the suggested shelf life.

Nail Polish does not appear to have any real safety problems. Unless some of their ingredients don’t sit well with you. The problems usually come from storage issues. Too much heat can cause nail polish to separate and not putting the cap on tight can cause it to dry out. Both issues will affect the quality and application of the polish.

Q – Is it true that foundation and face powder suffocate the skin?

A – No, it is definitely NOT true. Nowadays these products use ingredients that do not suffocate the skin’s pores. Many Brands include ingredients that protect the skin from the atmospheric influences and from UV rays. Many products moisturize and nourish the skin and some have an anti-ageing effect.

Q – How can I make my eyes look bigger?

A – To make your eyes look bigger you should apply eyeshadows and eyeliner in right shades. At the inner corner of the eyelid apply a shadow in the lightest shade. The darker shadows should be applied in the middle of the lids to the outer edge of the eyes. Use white eyeliner for the inner corners of the eyes. Curling your eyelashes will achieve an innocent look. Then apply two coats of black or dark brown mascara…..The mascara will make your eyelashes look thicker and longer.

Q – How can I make my lips appear fuller?

A – You can make your lips appear fuller with the help of well-applied makeup. Apply a dusting of powder to the lips to maximize the longevity of the lipstick. Line the outer edge of your lips before filling-in with lipstick or lipgloss. Apply the lipstick carefully and at the end add a little luster in the middle of the lips. To accentuate the lip size, use a liner that is a little darker and never draw outside your mouth.

Q – Can a blusher help shape my face?

A – Yes, a blusher can certainly help shape your face, making a long face appear rounder and a round face appear longer. The blusher should be applied after the foundation with a special blusher brush.

Q – Why should I use foundation?

A – Foundation gives your face an even and over-all texture and acts as a base for the makeup application. Foundations cover both areas of coloration and blemish discolorations. They hide little pimples, dark spots, red spots, blackheads and whiteheads. A foundation benefits if it is applied straight after the application of a moisturizer. Remember to always treat and blend the neck area to match your face.

Q – How can I choose the right foundation?

A – Selecting the right shade and type of foundation can be really difficult. It comes in a variety of shades and textures. Those with oily skin should choose a foundation containing less oily ingredients; it should be a thick liquid. Foundation that is more liquid and containing moisturizing ingredients is appropriate for dry and sensitive skins. When in doubt, it is suggested that you visit a cosmetic counter salesperson to look at your skin and they will advise you on your type of skin.

Q – What makeup tools do I need for the proper makeup application?

A – You need a powder brush in order to apply the powder evenly. These brushes must be full and round in shape. The blusher brush allows you to apply the blusher evenly, because they are especially designed to define the natural curves of the cheekbones. You also need a small brush to comb and shape the eyebrows. A good quality multi-purpose kabuki brush is always good to have. You can apply foundation with a special makeup sponge or with your fingertips. Remember, all makeup tools should be clean and of good quality. Clean your brushes every week to two weeks. Discard of sponges when they appear dirty and become too soft.

Q – Why should I use face powder?

A – Face powders give a matte appearance to the face and fix the foundation. They set-up the makeup, set the concealer and give your face a finished look. Applying face powder is the fastest and the easiest way to correct your makeup during the day. There are two types of face powder – pressed and loose. Pressed powder helps you maintain a matte appearance to the face and the loose powder serves as a base for the makeup products. Both will eliminate excess shine.

Q – How do I know if I am wearing too much foundation and make-up?

A – Women make the mistake thinking that foundation is suppose to make them look tanned or lighter. Foundation is NOT supposed to change your skin color. Foundation is to even your skin tone only. Foundation should match your natural skin-tone as close as possible.

If you look into the mirror and it appears you are wearing a ‘Kabuki Mask” then you are wearing too much of the wrong color foundation.

“Less is more” is a good cosmetic application philosophy. Your true beauty should be seen and not hidden with heavy, ill-colored foundation. This also applies to blushes and eyeshadows(unless you are going for a severe statement).

Q – How do I properly care for my skin?

A – There are three fundamental skin care techniques no woman should ever skip.

  1. Cleanse skin no more than twice daily with a mild cleaner that does not over dry you skin. Be sure to use a cleanser meant for your skin type.
  2. Gently exfoliate your skin on a daily basis to remove dead skin cells and expose newer, healthier glowing skin underneath.
  3. Apply a moisturizer. A moisturizer with sunscreen of at least SPF 35 should be applied under your make-up during the day.
Q – How can I achieve a professional eyebrow?

A – When shaping the eyebrows you need to plan the treatment very carefully, because it cannot be undone (it could take months for your eyebrows to fully grow back).To achieve the most flattering effect you need to consider both facial and eye types. The shape of the eyebrows affects the appearance of the eyes, as well as the face. Achieving the perfect shape depends mainly on your facial features. Great eyebrows are a beauty essential and a key element to a polished look.

The eyebrows shape is determined mainly by the bone structure of the face. The right shape will give you definition and provide an attractive frame for your face and eyes.

We know that creating the most flattering shape and arch of your eyebrows may be really hard, so go to a beautician or a professional to design the best shape for your face. Once you get the perfect line and shape you want you will be able to maintain them by yourself.

Below are suggested eyebrow shapes most appropriate for your face:

  • Angular Shape – appropriate for those with a round face. You can enhance this shape with shading and contouring of the eye makeup for elegance.
  • Rounded Shape – suitable for women with large eyes or wide forehead. The rounded eyebrows can enhance the eyes. The eyebrow should follow the frontal bone and be shaped to a taper.
  • Arched Shape – very flattering for most women. It gives width and expression to the eye. It opens the eyes and helps to balance a prominent nose or a large mouth. Marilyn Monroe wore this shape to perfection.
  • Low Arched Shape – works well for those with a small forehead by giving the illusion of more length. place a pencil in a straight line from the side of the nose to the liner corner of the eye; this is where the eyebrow should begin place a pencil from the side of the nose to the outer corner of the eye; this is where the brow should end.
  • High Forehead – the arch of the eyebrow should be slightly elevated to create the illusion of a lower forehead.
  • Low Forehead – the arch should be as low as possible to give more height to the forehead.
  • Wide Set Eyes – leave the eyebrows unplucked on the inner corners. You can extend the inner corners using eyebrow pencil.
  • Close Set Eyes – if you want to make the eyes wider apart, you should pluck more from the inner corners and extend the outer corners using eye pencil.

NOTES: If you tweeze too much from the inner edge of the eyebrows will make the eyes look smaller.

Eyebrows should follow the line of the bone just above your eyes. High arches are the best way to open up the eyes. When tweezing, grab each hair at the root and quickly yank in the direction of your hair growth. Pull-out hairs one hair at a time. Do not pluck eyebrows daily. Plucking too much hair from the bottom edge gives you a permanent look of surprise. Use a toothbrush or a clean mascara wand to brush the hairs. Never pluck above the eyebrows.

Q – How can I achieve a smokey eye?

A – Smokey eyes look hot, hot, and hotter! Smokey eyes should be the emphasis of the look, so the colors of the rest of your facial makeup needs to take a backseat to the look of your dramatic smokey eyes.

  1. First apply your foundation the way you normally would. Every great makeup look starts with the right base foundation.
  2. Take a medium gray or brown and start applying it at the eyelid, blending the medium color to just above the eye crease of both eyes.
  3. Apply the medium gray or brown color with a clean brush instead of a sponge applicator to give you more blending control whole you apply this medium shade of gray or brown.
  4. Check to make sure that the medium color is even on both eyelids before continuing to the next step of the smokey eyes look.
  5. Use a dark gray or brown shade of eyeshadow for the next step of creating the smokey eyes look. This deeper color is intended to give a dramatically dark look to the eye, so applying this shadow carefully is important. Using a brush or eyeshadow sponge, place the darkest color on the eyelid from the lash area to the eyelids ONLY, avoiding the crease area totally.
    • If you apply the darkest color in the crease of the eye, it will end up spreading to other areas of the eye and ruin the shading of your smokey eyes shadow. Make sure the darkest color has been applied evenly to both eyes, and blend any hard line if they form.
    • Perfect smokey eyes should blend gradually from the darkest color next to the eyelids up to the lightest color on the eye bone above the eye.
  6. Next take a small brush or applicator and put a smudge line of the darkest shadow color under the bottom lashes. Apply the bottom line of shadow smoothly and evenly.
  7. Apply two coats of black or brown mascara for lash length and volume.
  8. A thin line of eyeliner can also be applied close to the eyelashes to add a little UMPH!!! but is it not necessary.
  9. To really accent the drama of smokey eyes, use color in other areas of your face very sparkly. This will keep all the focus on your eyes.
Q – How do I apply Bronzer to get a Natural, Healthy, Sun Kissed Look?

A– There is no reason to sit in the sun and attract all those bad UV rays. You can get a natural sun kissed look on your face area, just by using bronzers. It might take a little practice to avoid getting a dirty or fake look, but once you know the secrets on how to apply bronzer properly, you will love the results!

Step 1: Choose Your Bronzer Product
The entire purpose of using a bronzer cosmetic in your makeup routine is to darken your skin, just slightly. Thus, when choosing a bronzer, be sure not to choose a shade that is too dark for your natural complexion color. Ideally, you want a bronzer that is only about two shades darker than your current skin tone. Those with fair or light skin should look for a honey-colored bronzer, those with medium skin can go with a rose bronzer or a gold bronzer and those with dark skin should use a tawny or amber bronzer product. If you are blonde, go for a pinker bronzer and if you are brunette you can try an orangey bronzer.

You can find expensive bronzer products from high-end makeup lines or more affordable bronzers from brands like Cover Girl and Neutrogena. It is recommended to try a cheap mineral bronzer to begin with, so you will not be worried about wasting it during your practice sessions.

Step 2: Prepare Your Skin And Pick Your Bronzer Brush
Before you apply the bronzer, you will need to prepare your skin. Exfoliate your skin lightly while in the shower beforehand, then put on your normal moisturizer. Wait until the lotion has dried completely before beginning. Next, you will need to pick your brush. A wide, fluffy powder brush will work best. Look for one with a rounded top and one that is not too small or stiff. Brushes out of sable are the best, as they made of are natural fibers.

Step 3: Apply Powder Foundation for a Sun Kissed Look
Instead of using foundation, when you want to use a bronzer it is best to stick with a powder base. Any extra moisture (often found with liquid foundation) can cause the bronzer to streak or look muddy. To get a great even application, apply a light coat of powder base. If you prefer liquid, cream or stick foundation you can try the process with it, as if your skin is dry it may turn out just fine.

Step 4: Swirling the Bronzer Makeup And Applying
Swirl your brush into the bronzer, getting just a little onto the brush. Then tap off the excess bronzer or rub the brush on a clean tissue to get rid of any extra color you won’t need. Look at your face and think about the areas of your skin where you naturally tan first. Use light strokes to apply the bronzer to the top of the forehead area, down the nose and along the top of the cheek bones. You can also do a small amount on your chin, neck and chest areas. Be sure to start light and only add if you find you need more color. But, before adding more be sure to check the bronzer results in the daylight to be sure you are getting a natural look. If you find you have applied too much bronzer, use a cotton ball to apply a little of your foundation or powder base over it to lighten it up.

Q – How do I choose the correct Red Lipstick for my skin tone?

A – When worn properly, red lipstick can make a lady look and feel sensual, feminine and sexy! However, if you happen to choose the wrong shade of red you can end up looking more like a clown than a vixen. So, be careful when choosing the right red lipstick for your skin tone.

How To Test Red Lipstick Color at the Makeup Counter
Unless you want to waste money on colors that just do not work with your skin tone, it is best to visit a cosmetic counter where you can actually try out red lipsticks before you buy them. Some drug stores will offer a color change policy, where you can bring your unwanted lipstick back with the receipt to exchange it for another shade. But, there are very few who do offer such a guarantee and many will only let you make one exchange per product, which can lead to difficulty if you swap for an even less flattering color the second time around. In addition, some brands like Revlon will offer you a color guide near their product display, to help you choose the best shade by skin tone.

Trying the lipstick on is the best way to see how it looks. Attempting to rub it on your hand to test the shade is pretty pointless, as it will always look different on your lips. So, visit your local Clinique counter or department store cosmetics counter to test some shades out!

Matching Skin Tone and Red Lipstick Shades
To start with, be sure you pick shades of red that complement and work with your skin tone. Your skin tone is either warm or cool, with cool skin tones often being paler and full of pink undertones. Warm skin tones are most often darker olive shades, with blue undertones.
If your skin is a cool tone, be sure to look for reds with pink undertones. Many reds come in shades of Berry, Blackberry, Brick or Plum, which are ideal for cool toned ladies. Red with blue undertones are also known to have a visually whitening effect on your teeth, which is always a plus.
If your skin is a warm tone, look for reds with yellow undertones. Many times you will find flattering red lipsticks in orange shades, warm shades, tomato red shades, brown based shades, golden shades or tawny shades.

Some beauty experts will still argue the classic primary red lipstick will work on all skin tones, however!

Applying and Wearing Red Lipstick Without Looking Overdone
While wearing the perfect red lipstick can make you look like a super sexy vixen in any outfit, it is important not to go overboard with the rest of your makeup when you choose red for your lips. If you want to wear red lipstick, let it be the star of your face. Do not try to do a dramatic eye with shadow or overdo it on blush, or you will look like you have far too much makeup on. Pair your red lips with neutral eye shadows, black mascara and thin liner. Add in a little blush that has the same undertone colors of your lipstick, but take it light. You can add a little glamour to your face with highlighter instead, so you will look radiant without looking like you have tried too hard. The color red works for any season, from spring to winter, so be sure to find a great shade that will take you through the entire year. Most ladies select red lipstick in the evening to feel glamorous, you can also choose to wear it for daytime hours. Just tone it down a bit. Layer your favorite red lipstick lightly over a sheer gloss, to make it less heavy and less dark.

Q – What is your Exchange & Return Policy?

A – When you receive your delivery, we encourage you to inspect it immediately. If there is any damage with the merchandise, please follow the return instructions on the Returns & Exchanges page. Fill out the return slip and enclose it with your return. Please also indicate the reason for the return. (This information is not required but your comments help us improve our service and product quality.) Return the package securely wrapped, pre-paid (sorry, but we do not accept C.O.D. mail or shipping charges). Please note that you are responsible for the safe return of merchandise and all shipping costs.

Mail to:
The House of Simone (BC-Returns)
P.O. Box 215
Palm Springs, CA 92263

See our Returns& Exchanges page for full details and policies regarding returns and exchanges.

Due to hygiene concerns we cannot accept opened and used cosmetic items. All compact color trays and refill items are packed in clear packaging therefore there is no need to open the package if the color is not what you ordered. Simply return the unopened cosmetic item for a prompt refund or exchange.

Customer Service:
Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm (PST)
Saturday – Sunday 10am – 2pm (PST)

1-800-446-BLING (2546) – USA ONLY
1-760-332-8709 – USA and INTERNATIONAL


Q – I am having a wedding and want to buy items in bulk, as gifts. Can I get a discounted price?

A – YES, absolutely. Contact Simone directly at: ContactSimone@BlingCollection.com

Q – I am having problems with my order and/or the website, who do I contact?

A – Contact: Webmaster@BlingCollection.com

Q – What should I do if a crystal becomes loose or dislodged ?

A – All crystals are applied by hand. No machines are used. Please excuse and allow for any small imperfection which may occur from time to time.

Follow the Crystal Replacement Instructions carefully:

On a very rare occasion, a crystal may become loose.

If this should occur, please contact customer service at: 760-332-8709

Tell us the item purchased and we will send a replacement crystal, in the correct size, free of charge.

To replace the crystal you will need the following:

  • A flat head toothpick
  • A small piece of plain paper
  • Hobby glue (Super Glue will set in ten second or less, so you MUST have the crystal in position before the glue sets, or you will not be able to move the crystal once the glue dries)

How to replace the crystal:

  1. Squeeze a very small amount of glue onto the paper.
  2. Dip pointy end of toothpick into the glue and place a small amount of glue where needed.
    NOTE: Don’t over saturate the toothpick with glue, because it can make the other nearby crystals cloudy.
  3. Position the loose crystal (one crystal at a time, if required) on top of the glue.
  4. Take the flat-end of toothpick and hold the crystal into position for 30 seconds. Do Not use your finger!
  5. Let the item dry for 10 minutes – then you’re as good as new.


  • Do not get glue into eyes. Call a doctor immediately if you do.
  • The toothpick may be sharp – do not swallow.
  • Crystals are very small. Keep all materials away from children.

Questions Call 760-332-8709

Q – What does it mean when my lipgloss looks clumpy in my bottle?

A – There are many possible reasons for this.

If the item is newly purchased it is usually one of our thicker formulas……

Replace your lipgloss on a regular basis.

When it begins to smell or develop a rancid taste are good signs its’ time to toss it.

Store your lipgloss in a cool dark area. A drawer or make-up bag is great (if not left in the heat).

If you buy multiple items, it’s best not to open your lipgloss until you are ready to use it (air and bacteria can get inside the bottle and may spoil the lipgloss)

The life of your lipgloss may be extended if kept in the fridge (cooler not freezer) when not being used daily, but again, a cool dark place will do the trick.

Q – Can I contact Simone directly?

A – YES absolutely. Simone would love to hear from you. If you have suggestions for new colors, shades and future items, let her know. She can make it happen.

Please send any and all comments and suggestion about the Bling Collection directly to Simone: ContactSimone@BlingCollection.com