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Eyelash Curler


Our eyelash curler is a simple, must-have tool everyone should have. The clamp is accented with hand-placed crystals.

Designed to use on clean, dry lashes without mascara. Apply to your eyelashes for 10 seconds (repeat as needed) to achieve the look of a naturally open-eye. Soft Lash Pads will deter eye lash breakage and damage.

Features and Benefits:

  • Jeweled and aluminum body for stability during application
  • Soft Lash Pads to prevent breakage and damage to lashes
  • Create a dramatic look without makeup
  • Makes your eyes appear open and wider
  • Helpful for those with straight lashes or lashes that grow downward.

All crystals are applied by hand. No machines are used. Please excuse and allow for any small imperfection which may occur from time to time.


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