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Bling Pens

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Bling Pens

A stylish ink pen with colored hand-placed rhinestones, these Bling Ink Pens are not only durable and designed to fit into a small purse, but they are also fashionable and sure to grab attention. Each pen comes with a cleaning cloth inside a small plush black bag to protect its stones.

Ink Color:



    Rhinestones , Plastic, Metal


    Purple, Pink, Blue, Green, Black


:   4.5” Length



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About The Bling Collection

The mission of The Bling Collection from The House of Simone is to establish the first full-line of cosmetics that marries the unique concept of jewelry with make-up. The line represents top quality products in lighted and “blinged” casings for makeup and accessories. Each item is encrusted with the Patented “Wall of Bling” design.

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